Unlimited Local Talk & Text To 5 Friends, On Any Network!

What is MY5?

  • This new feature allows you to select 5 people you talk to the most on any Canadian telephone network and send and receive UNLIMITED local calls and UNLIMITED mobile to mobile text meassages to your 5 individuals' telephone numbers.
  • That's right - the 5 numbers can be any 5 Canadian landline or wireless number, regardless of the telephone company and you get unlimited local talk and text to them - another first in Canada from Rogers Wireless

How do I get MY5 and how much does it cost?

  • Simply choose a Plan and Phone online and when adding options as the 3rd step simply select MY5. MY5 costs only $10 extra per month on top of the montly plan rate you choose.

Why choose MY5 from Rogers?

  • Customization - You choose the 5 numbers that are important to you - Your best friends, Family Members, Home, or even Business Partners and Co-workers. YOU DECIDE. Please note that specials numbers such as 1-800 / 1-900 are not accepted.
  • Great Value - MY5 allows you to send / receive UNLIMITED local calls and UNLIMITED mobile to mobile text messages to your 5 chosen numbers, no matter what network they are on, no matter what time of day.
  • Easy Maintenance - It's easy to set up your 5 phone number list online once you have signed on. You get simple instructions with your package. If your list ever needs changing, no need to worry. You can change your MY5 list once per calendar month to suit your needs.

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